My Top Tips for Being Healthy

Statistically, the day that most people drop their New Years resolutions is January 15. Have you given up? It’s okay to fall off the wagon every once in awhile, but what is most important is that you climb up and settle into that wagon once again. Just because it’s no longer January 1st doesn’t mean that you can’t pick yourself up and get healthy and fit. Here are my favorite tips for getting healthy and fit after neglecting your health for a while.

1. Don’t overestimate what you can do.

Yes, you are capable of becoming fit and healthy like you may have once been, but going all in and working out seven days a week with no “cheat” meals is going to be extremely difficult and restrictive. Start incorporating several healthy meals a day and working out just a few times a week. Your tolerance, endurance, and discipline will flourish gradually, and you will be grateful that you didn’t jump in full fledge.

2. Shop on the outskirts of the grocery store.

The outskirts of the grocery store contain all the macronutrients and micronutrients that you need to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. The fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats that line the edges of grocery stores are all you need. By venturing deeper into the aisles, you can get lost in the packaged sweet and savory treats that can damage a healthy lifestyle. Who needs candy when you can munch on fresh berries or pomegranate seeds?

3. Cook for yourself.

There’s nothing like a homecooked meal. When you cook for yourself, you know exactly what you are putting into your body. This way, it’s easy to know what nutrients you’re getting. I love cooking for myself and putting together my own meals when I’m tracking my macronutrients and calories to make sure I’m on the right track with my fitness goals.

4. Pick healthy snacks.

I love snacking. But I used to fall into munching on unhealthy chips and cookies. Always have healthy snacks around if you don’t want to get off track. Some of my favorite snacks or Herbaland protein gummies, Larabars, RXBars, Jilz Paleo Crackers, raw almonds, Loving Earth chocolate, green juices and just plain ol’ fresh fruit.

5. Read up!

There’s nothing like educating yourself. If you’re not sure if you’re eating the right thing, look it up! I love doing research on the health benefits of what I’m putting into my body. It’s my favorite way of curating a beneficial diet where I know exactly what the nutrients I’m consuming are doing for me. Reading up on nutrient facts is basically what thrust me into the world of health. Now I know that spirulina is blue-green algae that detox the body, boost energy, and reduce cholesterol. I know that chia seeds are packed with omega-3s and fiber. Just do some research, and you’ll be open to a world of information involving your health!

6. Take supplements!

I love topping off my healthy diet with some nice supplements. I always take a probiotic and B12 in order to give me what I need daily. B12 is depleted from a lot of food sources, yet it is necessary for brain function. I’ve always supplemented B12, especially when I maintained a vegan diet. Taking a probiotic is also amazing for gut health. It puts good bacteria into your system to counteract all the bad bacteria that could be harboring in your body. Vitamin C and Elderberry are great for immunity. Magnesium is incredible for healthy, strong bones. Turmeric is extremely effective for joint pain and inflammation. Fish oil or veggie omegas are fantastic for skin, brain, and eye health. I get all my supplements from Care Of, a personalized supplement online service, which makes taking my vitamins fun and extremely easy.

7. Find a workout you love.

One of the hardest parts about staying healthy for me is finding a solid workout plan. I’ve gone from running to lifting to cycling to every other form of exercise you can imagine. What I’ve learned is that you can’t stick to one thing; you’ll tire and bore yourself. I like mixing things up often. If you do the same exact thing every day, you may get burned out. I’ve found that I love sprinting, going to Soul Cycle, and lifting. Therefore, I alternate between those throughout the week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I usually attend Soul Cycle class because that’s when my favorite instructor has class. Throughout the rest of the week, I’ll go to the gym and run for a little or lift or both. Do things that make you feel good and happy, but don’t stress if you can’t find what you love right away. Give yourself some time to experiment and find what you love!

Those are my seven top tips on how I stay healthy. Of course, I fall off the wagon sometimes. But I always try my best to get myself back on my grind. Remember, the hardest part is getting started. Just do it and you’ll be all the happier for it. Go forth and BE HEALTHY!

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