Nature’s Magic: Coconut Oil

In the past few years, coconut oil has become widely used and frequently talked about. Trust me, that’s for good reason. This miracle product moisturizes like no other AND cleanses due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Coconut oil’s melting point is 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so when it is stored in the fridge or on the counter, it’s solid! This makes it extremely easy to apply. There are a few ways that I adore using this one-ingredient product.

SKIN: People tend to be terrified of applying oil to their skin. Even I, coconut oil’s #1 fan, used to be one of those people until a few months ago. I began applying a generous amount of coconut oil on my skin each night, and the results I saw were unimaginable. My skin’s texture improved dramatically, and I immediately began noticing the silky smoothness that took over my skin’s surface.  Coconut oil contains a variety of fatty acids, including Caprylic and Lauric, that aid in external inflammation. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that my pimple frequency began to lessen, and I even noticed that, with continued use, the coconut oil began to prevent hormonal acne.

HAIR: This way is tried and true by many people. A few hours before a wash, apply generous amounts of coconut oil to your hair from root to tip. I like to focus the oil on the ends of my hair because that’s where I am most dry. Let the product sit for as long as desired. I would recommend at least an hour! If you tend to have oily hair, make sure you thoroughly shampoo your scalp. Once your hair dries, you will notice an insane improvement in the moisture and texture of your hair. I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week so I apply this before every wash, and it truly makes a massive difference. The fatty acids in the oil also aid in lessening annoying dandruff. So if you suffer from a flaky scalp, coconut oil might be your guy!

NAILS: If you’re like me, you tend to get a little dry around your nail bed and on your cuticles. No matter what lotion I use, I always tended to get those little pieces of lifted skin on either side of my nail (YUCK!). I started to apply a bit of coconut oil around my nail bed, and that frequent problem began to deteriorate.

Now that you know the uses for coconut oil and how beneficial the product can be, my favorite is the Skinny & Co. Extra Virgin Skinny Coconut Oil! If you’re going to use coconut oil for your beauty regime, I recommend purchasing a raw, cold-pressed, organic one because it has more nutrients. If it has the words “unrefined” or “virgin” on it, you want it!






5 comments on “Nature’s Magic: Coconut Oil

  1. I love love love Coconut Oil! I use it in my hair mostly. Thanks for sharing! Following to keep up with your future content!
Stop by sometime!
Mena ✨


  2. I am obsessed with coconut oil! I use it for everything


  3. quinncove

    Love!! ❤️


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