Let’s Talk Glossier

Glossier is one of the newest and best brands that have popped up in the past year. It was created by the editors of the insanely successful beauty blog, Into the Gloss. The brand’s philosophy is to put the skin first. Each product is formulated to enhance natural beauty in the most natural of ways. The creators believe that “skincare is essential” and “makeup is a choice.” I agree! I love Glossier because I know that every product I purchase will never irritate my skin and will always be exemplary.

I have fallen in love with every single Glossier product that I have used, and I cannot imagine my skincare life without it! Here is a breakdown of just a few of the Glossier products that I use on a regular basis. If I talked about all of them, this would take you an hour to read; Glossier is THAT good.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: This is a life-changing product. Not only does the cleanser do what it’s supposed to do, cleanse, but it also removes every drop of makeup. The cleanser is formulated in a way that makes it okay to apply directly to the eyes. It was a little scary at first, but after awhile I was rubbing this miracle-worker all over my eyes without hesitation. It breaks down stubborn eye makeup instantaneously without a single bit of pain or burning. This is hands-down the best makeup removing cleanser I have ever used! 

Balm Dot Com: This is probably my favorite product from the collection simply because I adore lip balms. This product slathers on perfectly and instantly hydrates. I love applying it to dry elbows and knees as mine tend to become slightly flaky. This product comes in four other flavors: Coconut, Mint, Rose, and Cherry. As a Glossier addict, I obviously have all four.

Invisible Shield Sunscreen: Leave it to Glossier to create a sunscreen I actually enjoy applying. If you’re going to buy one product from the brand, it better be the Invisible Shield. I adore it because it has an almost jelly-like, clear consistency that leaves zero white cast and feels like a second, comfortable skin. I genuinely look forward to applying this before my makeup.

Perfecting Skin Tint: The skin tint is the ideal “foundation” for your skin. I put quotations because it really is just a tint. It doesn’t cover imperfections, yet it slightly blurs them in such a way that allows your imperfections to appear beautiful. It’s the perfect product if you want to let your skin breathe but don’t have enough courage to completely bear your skin to the world! The thing about Glossier, is that their products don’t offer much coverage, so I save the skin tint for days when my skin is looking its best, which is great because I don’t really want much coverage when my skin is virtually pimple-less!

Boy Brow: The Boy Brow is the brand’s #1 bestseller, and for good reason! When applied, the brows become perfectly filled in and appear natural yet perfect. I love applying just this and the Perfecting Skin Tint when I want to look natural but feel confident.

I have also used the Stretch Concealer, Generation G lipstick, and Super Pure, and I have loved every single one of them. The brands other products, such as the Cloud Paint and Haloscope, seem incredible as well, and I look forward to trying them in the future!  

Aside from amazing products, one of the cutest things about Glossier is their packaging and branding. They really suck you in with the beautiful colors. They even send stickers and a pink bubble wrap makeup bag with each order. The amount of sticker sheets I have can attest to how much I’ve ordered from Glossier throughout the year!

PS. They also sell gift cards… You know what to get me for my birthday!

Use this link if you want 20% off your first purchase! It’ll take you directly to the website so you can begin shopping. Anything you buy will be amazing, I promise!

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  1. We love their cloud paints! xx, Britta & Carli from


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