Brooklyn Browsin’

On a chilly New York morning, my cousin and I found ourselves browsing through Dover Street Market. The array of misplaced staircases and concept floors kept me engaged as I viewed the store’s beautiful selection. After a lovely stroll through the store, I found myself enchanted by two pieces.

I was immediately drawn to the latest FENTY Rihanna x Puma Satin Bow Sneakers as I stepped foot onto the 6th floor. I had previously seen the baby pink and olive green Rihanna sneakers, but my eyes had not yet rested on this purple variety. The icy pale hue intrigued me and I had to have them!

The second piece that caught my attention was a creamy white Fucking Awesome hoodie. The thickness of the fabric and richness of the white shade instantly added to its lavishness, while the silver of the phrase along the hood gave the comfy piece some interest.

After I purchased these lovely goodies, I threw them on and hijacked it to Brooklyn to explore the new-to-me territory. On my legs, I wore my go-to distressed black skinnies. These denim pants never fail me, and I shamelessly wear them on most days.

The satin shoes kept my feet nice and comfortable and the hoodie kept my torso nice and warm as I explored Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My cousin and I ventured along the coast and through the streets. We stopped in an insanely cool record shop to pick up a record and preview some interestingly obscure music. After exploring Brooklyn we found ourselves back on Manhattan on Hudson River Park Pier 51. We relaxed and enjoyed the overcast weather before hopping in an Uber back to my hotel.

I gallivanted around the city in this much loved outfit. It was comfortable and effortless, yet elevated. What’s your go-to outfit for a day in the city?

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