Best Vegan Eatery in Miami

Located in Miami’s art district, Wynwood, Plant Food + Wine is my personal favorite restaurant due to its eclectic and unique menu. The majority, if not all, of the dishes on the menu are raw. This means that no food is cooked during preparation. Despite this, each and every dish I have tried has delighted my palate.

If you’re a Miami local or an adventurous tourist, I suggest you head over to Plant Food + Wine and order one of everything!

My favorite appetizer from the menu is the Kimchi Dumplings! They are unlike anything I’ve had before, and they taste absolutely incredible. The flavor is indescribable so I highly recommend you order a round of these to experience it for yourself!

The entrees at this delectable restaurant are unlike any other! From the creamy Cacio e Pepe to the fresh MK Bowl, your belly will never be disappointed. One of my favorites is the Zucchini Lasagna. It’s comprised of almond ricotta, flavorful pesto, and insanely yummy marinara sauce.

On my last trip to Plant Food + Wine, I ordered the Chocolate Tart for dessert. It was the creamiest, chocolatiest piece of heaven that I had ever indulged in!

If you want an insanely yummy treat, I highly recommend you order the Flora Artisanal Cheese Plate. These vegan cheeses made from nuts taste like the real thing! You can devour these “cheeses” without an ounce of guilt or a lactose-induced belly ache. (Don’t mind the lower quality picture; I promise it tastes amazing!).

Here are a few other items that will fill up your belly to it’s happiest potential:

Thai Lettuce Wraps

Hearts of Palm

Being a vegan is great. But it’s even better when there are amazing restaurants like Plant Food + Wine to frequent.

Check out their Instagram for pictures of all the amazing items from the menu.

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