Vegan Snackin’

There is nothing I love more than snacks! I love incorporating healthy snacks into my daily routine to keep my mind and body fueled and to keep my metabolism fired up. Whole, plant-based foods, like fruit and veggies, are obviously my favorite snacks! Here is a list of snacks that will never let you down. 

1. Fruit!

Fruit is my #1 favorite snack! It’s so easy to grab and go, but it’s also really yummy if you take the time to arrange it nicely and slice it up. When mango season comes around I devour mango platter after mango platter. I also love combining different fruits like blueberries and kiwis or lychees and watermelon!

2. Trail Mix

This trail mix is the yummiest and healthiest trail mix you’ll ever put in your belly. The ingredients are mulberries, gojiberries, raw cashews, and cinnamon! The flavors mix so well, and it’s the perfect snack to keep in your purse for a quick burst of energy.

3. Veggie and Guacamole “Nachos”

This is my most exciting snack because in my opinion, it’s the prettiest! I love making this on days when I’m in the mood for a savory snack. First, I slice up some zucchini. Then, I layered on some salsa and guacamole onto each zucchini “chip”. Lastly, I garnished it with some microgreens and mini heirloom tomatoes. This snack is so yummy and and so simple.

Try these amazing snacks and let me know how you liked them!

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