Not Your Average Beach Attire

Miami’s bipolar weather allows for some interesting outfit choices. While the typical beach-goer was decked out in short shorts and flip flops, I chose to throw on an XL black hoodie. Although the sun shone brightly, the shade was home to cool breeze; I was surprisingly comfy. My legs received the air they needed while the hoodie kept me at the perfect temperature. Walking along the South Pointe boardwalk, I felt perfectly dressed for the beautiful Miami weather.

I paired this gigantic Champion hoodie with fishnets, checkered Vans, and a Chanel jumbo classic flap. I adore mixing high-end pieces with trendy street wear. The classic and the casual mesh perfectly.

I love watching street style brands come in and out of popularity. Within the past six months or so, Champion has become extremely popular. And it’s definitely a trend I’m willing to incorporate into my wardrobe. Fishnets are currently my go-to item for adding edge to any outfit. They’re also very slimming so I highly recommend that everyone grab a pair. Amazon is definitely the best website to find the perfect fishnet. I have this pack and it comes with any size fishnet you could possibly desire. The checkered Vans slip ons add some pattern to the outfit. I love the way the print pops and compliments the textures of the fluffy hoodie and fishnets. Finding a bag to pair with this outfit was somewhat of a struggle. I wanted something that would add some interest and unpredictability. I thought Chanel’s ultra luxurious feel would pop against the vagabond qualities of the hoodie.

Here’s a mini glimpse into my room with some mirror selfies of this outfit.

Get yourself this comfy hoodie and get back to me on how amazing it is!

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4 comments on “Not Your Average Beach Attire

  1. This look is everything! Great content

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  2. OMG thank you! my eldest daughter Sarah loved this look! what an inspiration you are to my family. thank you lil Isa!!❤️

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