Saturdays and Sundays are for the Markets

My favorite places to get fresh produce to restore my fridge are farmers markets. I know I can always count on these bountiful markets for a plethora of unique and staple goodies that will keep my diet fun and healthy. As a devout veggie and fruit lover, these markets keep my obsession fueled.

Here are a few of the best markets in Miami (in my opinion) that I love to attend on the weekends:


Glaser Organic Farmers Market in Coconut Grove

Not only does this market have an array of goodies, but they also have an expansive ready-made food section. Located right in the Grove, this market is the perfect place for a Saturday lunch! I love grabbing one of these plastic containers and filling it up with all the yummy vegan goodies. They also have a little area where you can order awesome raw vegan treats; my favorite are the nori rolls (pictured below)! Glaser Organic Farmers Market also has coolers packed with fresh juices and coconut water, the perfect accompaniments to a delectable vegan meal!


Pinecrest Farmers Market

I think this market may be my favorite, primarily because it’s so close to my house! I love jogging here to pick up some fresh fruit. I go most Sundays to replenish my fruit supply. Just yesterday I went and picked up this yummy container of fresh papaya, blueberries, pineapple, and watermelon. Sometimes they even have passion fruit and rambutan! Pinecrest Farmer’s Market is one of the best markets to get luscious fruit. Just make sure you bring cash because many of the stands don’t take credit card!

Merrick Park Farmers Market

Merrick Park Farmers Market is my opinion of the best of both worlds. It’s located right in the middle of one of Miami’s best high-end shopping malls. Fashion AND fruit?! That’s perfection. After a lovely gander through Gucci, you can get a nice box of berries or an açaí bowl! I one time got a bunch of juicy, delicious dates that I snacked on throughout the week. The Merrick Park Farmers Market also has a lovely stand with amazing fresh bread, perfect to layer with smashed avocado!

Make sure to check out these amazing markets this weekend!

1 comment on “Saturdays and Sundays are for the Markets

  1. omg my husband saw this & immediately told me to go in the kitchen & make him a bowl of fresh fruit! He also is asking me to go to the pincrest market tomorrow which is an hour away. this can be a good and bad thing oh no!


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