Pre-Run Power Food: Healthy Avo Toast

As of late, my run game has been crazy strong. I aim for 2.5 to 3.1 miles a day, but sometimes my runs aren’t very good and are extremely difficult. I realized that I wasn’t fueling my body with the proper nutrients it needed to reach 3.1 miles. Running is an incredible workout, but it’s close to impossible if you’re not feeding yourself properly beforehand.

I concocted this version of avocado toast to power me up for my runs!

My favorite bread to use is Dave’s Killer Bread. The backstory behind the brand is interesting, and the bread tastes amazing. It’s filled with tons of nutrients and healthy yums, including seeds! I usually get my avos from Whole Foods or Fresh Market, and I’ve had amazing luck. The last few avocados I’ve cracked open have been perfectly creamy with not a bruise in sight.

I toast my bread and smash up half an avo. After smearing the green delicacy onto two pieces of bread, I add yummy and micronutrient rich toppings. Making avocado toast is simple and easy, but it’s the toppings that add some difference and interest. I love adding black pepper, turmeric, and microgreens!

Here’s a little breakdown on the wonders of these marvelous toppings:

Black pepper is amazing for weight loss, skin health, and respiratory problems. It’s rich in antioxidants and has antibacterial properties.

Turmeric is my favorite spice! It aids in disease prevention, and has an abundance of healing properties. Turmeric is incredibly healthy because it prevents blood clots, corrects depression, combats inflammation, manages diabetes, and lowers high cholesterol.

Microgreens are essentially just young seedlings of edible vegetables. Not only do these cute sprouts make the avocado toast look beautifully garnished, but they also pack a nutrient-rich punch. These little guys are tiny but mighty and are even said to have 40 times more nutrients than their fully developed counterparts. So basically, if you get red cabbage microgreens or broccoli microgreens, you’ll be devouring all those nutrients times 40!

After the avo toast is perfectly composed, I squeeze on some lime and get to munching! I eat two pieces of this yummyness, and I am ready to get running!

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