The Gucci Revival

Prior to 2015, Gucci had been slacking. The only instance I ever saw someone wearing Gucci was when the occasional soccer mom had a hobo bag slung over her shoulder. When Gucci’s current creative director, Alessandro Michele, was installed, the brand was instantly revitalized. He incorporated color and beautifully eccentric designs. Gucci became a brand that everyone wanted to wear, from the Dionysus bags to the Ace sneakers.

My personal favorite designs of Alessandro Michele’s are the sick pieces with the snakes emblazoned all over them. I may have gone a little crazy with the snake design because I have that snake on everything: a pair of loafers, a silk scarf, and a leather bag.

I love my Gucci pieces because they’re very unique, but they’re also so practical and easy to use. I went on a little excursion to the Brickell City Centre and decided to whip together some of my Gucci goodies! The star of the show is the Gucci snake print leather top handle bag. The structure of the bag is amazing with two compartments lined with canvas. It fits everything I need and want. For my dress, I slipped on an over-sized sweater that I found in my mom’s closet. My lace choker is surprisingly from PacSun! They have dope chokers if you’ve been on the hunt. I have no clue where these fishnets are from but you can find them here and here! On to my feet, I zipped on a pair of these adorable booties. These Gucci booties are the perfect boot for walking; they’re incredibly comfortable and incredibly easy to walk in. 

Gucci’s new revamp has left me in awe and with an extremely long wish list. Check me out on Instagram and Snap to get the first look on any new Gucci items I may buy!

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