Tofu: Friend or Foe?

Tofu gets a bad rap for being “gross” but, in reality, it’s amazing. Tofu is so versatile! It is virtually flavorless so it takes on any seasoning or sauce you cook it with! You can cut it up in big chunks or make it thin and crispy.

Tofu is an incredible source of plant-based protein and contains all eight essential amino acids! Tofu has calcium and iron making it good for the bones and blood. It’s also gluten free, so if you’re gluten intolerant or have celiac than tofu is the one for you! It’s the perfect ingredient to include in your dinner after a hard gym session.

I love tofu because I get so many amazing nutrients without the downside of excess fat and cholesterol that comes with animal protein!
My favorite way to eat tofu is in a delicious stir fry! The first thing I do is slice some organic ultra firm tofu into small cubes. I place the cubes in a hot pan with no oil. You don’t need oil to get the tofu to become crispy! All you need is the tofu, a hot pan, and a spatula to move the cubes around every so often. After a little while I add in some garlic and lime. The lime really helps to crisp up the tofu, and the garlic gives it a yummy flavor. As the tofu continues to cook, I add in whatever veggies I have in the fridge and some water. The water allows the veggies to cook. You don’t want to add tooooo much water because that will just drown the tofu. You want just enough that will keep the veggies from burning. I also love pouring in some tamari. Tamari is great because it tastes like soy sauce but it’s gluten free and very low in sodium! After all that is done cooking up, I plate it over a bed of arugula and it’s good to go! Sometimes I roast up some pumpkin to eat with this yummy meal.

Yum! Tofu is definitely my friend. Give it a try and let me know how amazing it was!

1 comment on “Tofu: Friend or Foe?

  1. Last night! I made this meal for my husband and kids and they enjoyed it. Thank you for being such an inspiration Rose!


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