Brand Spotlight: Bleach

Bleach is probably one of the sickest brands I’ve come across. Bleach creates fashion house inspired rock tees. Essentially, the brand takes well known bands tees and twists them into luxury “brand” tees. The shirts I own are a twist of Metallica into Margiela and Iron Maiden into Chanel. Other shirts they’ve done are Nirvana and Balmain, The Rolling Stones and Saint Laurent, and Guns N Roses and Givenchy! The fabric of the shirts is really comfy and wears really well. These tees become softer with use in the very best way. The band tee is an essential in my wardrobe and the Bleach tees are definitely a step up. The shirts mix my favorite things about fashion: the grunginess of band tees and the luxuriousness of designer brands. Overall, Bleach is an insanely cool brand that needs some more recognition.

Here’s how I styled the Chanel inspired “Iron Lager” tee:

I wore this outfit on a little excursion to the Miami Seed Vegan Festival in Wynwood a few months ago. I got the shirt in a Large so I could wear it as a dress. I paired it with a vintage oversized Levi’s jacket from the 80’s; it was my mom’s in highschool! On my feet, I’m wearing sneakers from one of my my all-time favorite sneaker brands: Golden Goose. These are in their Superstar style. To carry all my junk, I used my small Givenchy Pandora. This bag is so effortless; it’s easy to throw over your shoulder and get on the move!

These shirts are the perfect tee to spice up any look. What do you guys think?

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You can purchase Bleach shirts here!

1 comment on “Brand Spotlight: Bleach

  1. My husband is interested in this brand! Thinking of buying some things for our 3rd anniversary 😉


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