Furry Friends: A Fendi Revolution

Although Karl Lagerfeld has been heavily involved with Fendi since its early beginnings, as the creative director of Fendi, he has truly revitalized the brand. He and the Fendi team truly know how to attract the public’s attention with their colorful, marvelously fluffy creatures known as the Bag Bugs. Not only does Fendi make adorable furry monsters, but they also have more personal fur charms with letters on them so you can get your own initial! All of these beautifully eccentric charms can be used to decorate handbags or as keychains.

Although the pompom craze has started to slow down just a bit, these fluff balls have been seen all over street style enthusiasts and all throughout Fashion Month.

I personally have adored taking part in the trend. My clothes tend to take on a nonexistent color palette so these puffballs really spice and brighten up my outfits. I own two fluffs and I love using them to accessorize my usual black, white, and gray outfit choices. I love splurging on accessories so purchasing these was a no-brainer!

During the summer, I decided to be adventurous and style both of my puff balls on a trip to the Design District. I clipped my magenta and baby blue bag bugs onto my Fendi Mini Peekaboo in Black. I matched the pompoms with a comfy silk mini dress and a strappy bra underneath. Onto my feet I laced up one of my favorite purchases of 2016: Chanel sneakers. They look like upgraded nurse shoes and I’m more than obsessed with that. They’re unexpected and wonderfully ugly, and the colors along the sole of the shoe match perfectly with the Fendi puffs. Between Fendi and Chanel, Karl always gets it right.

Fendi has started a fluff ball revolution that I’m totally here for.

Browse Fendi’s awesome selection of bag charms!

Check out my Instagram posts with my furry friends!

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