Stella’s Stilts

Standing low at 5’3″, I consider platform shoes to be my best friends. And Stella McCartney hooks it up with the Elyse platform shoes. I purchased these shiny, silver skyscrapers on a lovely trip to New York back in October of 2015, and they’ve been chilling on my feet ever since. They are so comfortable and so easy to walk in. They pack the much-needed punch that any monochromatic wardrobe needs. These showstoppers get a lot of attention, and they should for their semi-extortionate price. One of the coolest things about these shoes and about Stella McCartney’s brand as a whole is that Stella chooses to use 100% vegan materials for her clothes and accessories.

You can check out all the Elyse platform color and texture combos here!

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2 comments on “Stella’s Stilts

  1. This is so cool! Where are you from??


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