The Izzy Bowl

My favorite go-to vegan dish is the eponymous Izzy Bowl. This bowl is a mix of yummy vegetables, legumes, and grains all seasoned and dressed to perfection. Each and every time I construct my famous Izzy Bowl it is slightly different. The one unifying factor of the Izzy Bowl is GREENS; I will always have arugula, spinach, kale, or red-leafed romaine as the base of the bowl. The best things about Izzy Bowls are that they are extremely easy to make and require little to no cooking.

This Izzy Bowl was one of my favorites. It consisted of a bed of arugula (my favorite), chopped grape tomatoes, red cabbage, corn and black bean salsa, sliced cucumber, slivered carrots, quinoa, and the best dressing in the entire world: green vinaigrette from The Last Carrot in Coconut Grove.

This mishmash of nutrient dense veggies and protein-packed quinoa provides a healthy lunch that I always crave.

Check out my other Izzy Bowls on the gram.

2 comments on “The Izzy Bowl

  1. Wow my son and I are vegan as well! Going to try this lunch soon!!!


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